Four Seasons: Costa Palmas

My most fond memories involve family vacations traveling in the R.V. or multi-day backpacking trips. Wild Adventures. Dirt under your nails, sun on your face, knotted hair kind of travels. Sleeping in a hammock attached to the face of a half ascended rock face in a billion star hotel, that’s how I was raised. When […]

REI Trail 40 vs Osprey Kestrel 48 backpack

I recently purchased the women’s REI trail 40 backpack to do 3-4 day hiking trips and thought it only appropriate to compare it to the Osprey Kestrel 48 backpack that I took hiking for 7 days in Patagonia last winter. The most obvious difference:  the Osprey was a men’s bag and the REI Trail 40 […]

Dear Baylor University

The state of Texas needs to step up and make animal abuse a felony… You can wear all the crosses you want but actions speak louder than words. Animal abuse is always wrong and actions need to be taken.

Backcountry Yerba Mate

Forest grown mate is actually environmentally sustainable. It also provides more income per acre than cattle or agricultural products. Just by drinking Guayaki, you are participating in the conservation and community development because you are purchasing fair trade priced, rainforest-grown mate.

My First Climb

Once I found a spot for my first foot hold and a place for my hands, I started to make some progress. It took so much concentration and studying the rock to figure out the next best spot for hand and feet placement. I loved trying to figure out the problem as I went and was immediately addicted to it.

Chalk Matters

Chalk with a higher ratio of Magnesium Carbonate (Mg) to Calcium Carbonate (Ca) will leave you with drier hands. So when you are climbing in Joshua Tree sweating your booty off, your hands will still be bone dry. Lesson learned?

Fuse LT Hoody Review

This waterproof jacket is durable and has been invaluable on every trip I have brought it on; From the Antarctic Circle penguin watching to backpacking the Andes Mountain range and its aggressive range of weather.