Playgrounds & WINE

Heather decided we needed to take a day to make reservations for the Ferry to Antartica Chile to see the king penguins, the bus to Puerta Natales, the bus to Torres Del Paine, the boat ride to the start of the circuit as well as our transportation back to the airport. After a long day of exploring the town we decided we earned a much needed carb party to replenish what we burned off during our 21 miles march across town. We headed to a pizzeria that had been referred to us by a fellow traveler and two pizzas and a bottle of wine later we were ready to make our way back to the hostel before it got dark. As the wine began to flow through our veins we started to make my kind of choices. As we walked along the boardwalk, we passed parks every other block. I controlled myself till I saw the playground that was in fact the fairest in the land. There were swings, slides, seesaws, jungle gyms, a stegosaurus as well as an ice cream truck with a haunting tune that blasted from blowout ghetto rigged speakers. The real prize though… IT HAD A ROCK WALL! The holds were all loose and would spin when you grabbed them but this just added to my simple minded alcohol assisted euphoria.

We headed down to the beach after to walk on the sand where we proceeded to set up my tripod and the strangest, aggressive High School Musical “JUMP” inspired photoshoot occurred. As we were in our own little world, we didn’t notice till we were leaving that in the 10 minutes we were jumping, contorting and smacking each other with my bamboo stick, that a crowd of local boys had gathered and were watching these two gringos beat each other stupid and exhaust ourselves from jumping repeatedly all for the purpose of hopefully capturing one good picture to put on Instagram. IMG_8469We tried to walk away from the group but they ended up making us take a picture with them. Fast walking like we could out run the little embarrassment our buzz was allowing us to emote, we put some distance between us and the situation.
Not really remembering exactly how close we were to the hostel, we hopped on some beachfront workout real estate and got our swell on, exercising our arms, back and buns on the salty and slightly rusted body weight resistance equipment. Ten sobering blocks later, Heather and I were raising our glasses to the sherbet painted skies and chugged like only college can teach you. Water. We chugged water. After all, we are responsible adults.

The lesson learned: We are at the perfect age. Old enough to party and not quite old enough to get kicked out of a kids play park. With age comes experience and with experience comes knowledge. Knowledge leads to appreciation and appreciating things we wouldn’t have as a child. Like wine, water and an early bed time.

If you would like to purchase your own custom bamboo walking stick like the one pictured above, please visit

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