Fuse LT Hoody Review

There are a few things that I consider to be travel essential; Chapstick, wallet, camera, sunglasses, a good pair of socks, an extra hair tie, a notebook and my Westcomb Fuse LT. Hoody. I absolutely love this jacket and I am not the only one. The amazon green rain jacket has grown in popularity and can be seen in many fellow adventurer’s galleries.

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  3. @anniegirl

This waterproof jacket is durable and has been invaluable on every trip I have brought it on; From the Antarctic Circle penguin watching to backpacking the Andes Mountain range and its aggressive range of weather. This classic green jacket has become a signature staple in my adventure closet because of its technical and still fashionable feminine qualities. The girl cut allows me to not photograph bulky in pictures like other brands female line without compromising functionality. The Fuse Lt. Hoody is a great windbreaker and perfect for cold days with a puffy layer underneath. I am a huge fan of the inside pocket, and two large outside pockets. For me, a hood is an absolute must both to keep the rain off my head and the wind off my neck. I get comments and DM’s all the time about where I got my super cute bright green jacket. I’m not the kind of girl who pretends to forget where I get my cool stuff, and am stoked to share products I love with everyone so they can enjoy quality products as well.

I love the cinching feature for the hood and at the base of the jacket which allows for a tighter fit and the prevention of any cold updrafts. The wrists cuffs are also adjustable which was a feature I didn’t know I would need till I went ice climbing. It of course prevents wind or rain from going up your sleeves, but it also protected my writs and arms IMG_4556from ice rash and ice shards while ascending glaciers. The Polertech Neoshell membrane wicks the rain off the jacket immediately, keeping you dry and warm even in the most torrential of downpours. This jacket gets a lot of abuse on my adventures so I make sure to take care of it as best I can. I wash it on cold (inside out) and hang dry. In the two years of use and abuse, it doesn’t have any signs of wear and tear and the color hasn’t faded at all. I am so impressed with this jacket I also own it in black and keep it as a spare in my climbing backpack. This lightweight jacket is seriously perfect and I can’t wait to see what colors Westcomb comes out with next. If they ever do a turquoise, coral or dirt barbie pink, I will be adding more Fuse Lt. Hoody colors to my growing Westcomb collection. Every adventure girl can appreciate outdoor clothes created for functionality and quality but still designed to be feminine chic. Nothing wrong with being an outdoor fashionista. #outdoorfashionista


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