Dear Baylor University

Dear Baylor University,

It has come to my attention that a football player on your team @5uper8bu was recorded beating his dog repeatedly with a belt. The dog lays at his feet whimpering and not fighting back once during the duration of the snapchat video. You are a Christian university preaching high standards of ethics and morality. Well, #wwjcd? Three game suspension, $500 fine and community service was the only punishment this student athlete received. (Shame on the state of Texas for being so lax about animal abuse.)

How about 120 hours of mandatory volunteering at a local animal shelter picking up animal poop? Revoke his student aid, scholarships and privileges associated with being on the football team. I understand people make mistakes. I also believe in fair punishment when people knowingly break the law. Consider the aggravating circumstances of this incident. There is no way to take it out of context and there is no justifiable excuse for this behavior. Even his apology was appallingly lacking in remorse. I urge you to withdraw any support you are providing him and let him struggle to become a man on his own.

As for #ishmaelzamora ‘s uncle @str8lace_ent who keeps posting “only God can judge him.” False. You’re nephew’s “temper tantrum” could easily land him in a court house being judged by a jury of his own peers. Repeatedly beating an animal is abuse and a punishable felony in most states. Unfortunately Texas is not one of them. (Hopefully this will change in the very near future.) Instead of using the octothorp “#ishmaelzamorasupporter” you should teach your nephew to be a man not a bully. Arguing with outraged animal lovers like they are the problem just speaks to your level of immaturity.

Ishmael Zamora should be ashamed. Ishmael Zamora should be embarrassed. Ishmael Zamora should be scolded. Had he been taught this behavior was unacceptable at home, this incident would have never occurred. Be part of the solution Uncle @str8lace_ent. If Ishmael Zamora has that explosive of a temper that he beats his puppy (because it is not yet potty trained) and that volatile of a personality, HE NEEDS HELP. Get this boy into anger management and some therapy. Just because you need to be physical and aggressive in a sport doesn’t allow you to live the rest of your life in that state. Leave it on the field. As for the teammates who are supporting him, one of which even commented that they would beat their dog as well in support of Ishmael Zamora… Wait till you are out of the comfort and security of college little boys. I look forward to your reality check.

Ishmael Zamora is clearly an individual who needs help working through his issues. His time might be better spent in therapy and in class than on the football field and most definitely should not be a representative of the school. This isn’t the first scandal the Baylor university football team has been a part of either. Going back just a year prior, there was a date rape incident involving a football play who walked away with a similar punishment to Ishmael Zamora. Coincidence?  You can wear all the crosses you want but actions speak louder than words.


Carly Schroeder

Click HERE to watch the video evidence of Ishmael Zamora “disciplining” his beloved dog for going potty in the house.

If you are disgusted, enraged or upset by this horrific act of animal abuse, please send an email or give a call to any of the Baylor Football/Athletic Staff:

  1. Nicholas (External Relations)
    Office: 254-710-3043
  2. Heath (Associate A.D./Communication Football)
    Office: 254-710-2743
  3. David (Director of Athletic Communication Football)
    Office: 254-710-4389

These numbers were on a public directory and I do NOT condone harassment. 
Be respectful, but please, take a stand against animal abuse with me.   


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