Dirt Barbies:

Here’s to girls who work hard, not just to make their own lives better, but improve the lives of those around them. Silly girls. Strong girls. Brave girls. Here’s to the girls that are there for you when you need them most without ever having to ask. Here’s to the girls who aren’t afraid to get dirt under their nails and live life on the wild side. Here’s to the girls who lift each other up and support one another. The friends that become family and the family that grows closer. Here is to the girls who love with all their hearts and to the girls who are there to put the broken pieces back together. Individually we are strong but as sisters we are unstoppable. Here is to the women we look up to as positive role models. Strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May be raise them.

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Hi I’m Heather! I grew up in the small town of Chesterton Indiana, about 1 hour outside of Chicago. Most of my childhood I was roaming around the neighborhood with the neighbor boys playing sports and staying outside as long as possible. I stayed active playing organized basketball and soccer from a young age until I graduated from high school. Sports will always be a part of who I am and add to my competitive spirit. My grandparents have had an RV for as long as I can remember so I came to appreciate the love for exploring outside and especially at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. It just so happened to be conveniently located about 10 minutes from my house growing up.

Throughout my childhood and adult life, I’ve been fortunate enough to do some traveling and it still continues to be a strong interest of mine. Being able to see the landscape of the U.S. as well as other countries and cultures. To gain an appreciation, for how different life is in other countries is important to me and why I’m so passionate about traveling as much as possible in my lifetime.

I graduated from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management with a degree in Business Management and focus on marketing in 2009. Since graduation I’ve had a few jobs ranging from serving to retail management to operations management at a financial firm. On my radar, in the near future, I will further my education with a master’s degree opening the door for new and opportunities. When I’m not working my current job in Chicago, I enjoy drawing, painting, photography, hiking, kayaking, climbing, skiing, and volunteering as much as possible. One of these days I plan to live closer to the mountains for further exploring and outdoor activity possibilities.


Hi I’m Carly! I was born in Valparaiso, Indiana. I moved to California at 6, to play dress up for a living. I was raised on studio backlots filming soap operas and movies all over the world but my family kept me grounded. Free time was spent in nature or helping others. At 14, I was rescuing sea turtles in the Bahamas with the Humane Society and when I turned 16, I became the Youth Ambassador for Meals on Wheels. These opportunities opened my eyes to my second passion, traveling. Before college, I had more than 20 states, 10 countries and 12 movie titles on my resume.

I graduated from California Lutheran University in 2013, with accolades from the criminal justice honor society, then went on to further my education in nutrition and holistic care. During this time, I joined the endless fight for animal rights as an advocate. Moving towards a more heath focused lifestyle, I gave up meat, dairy, gluten and refined sugars in exchange for a plant strong diet. I adopted myself a Shiba Inu, Jax Toulouse-Letrec (Sons of Anarchy meets famous painter) and embraced my wanderlust; backpacking, climbing, running marathons, snowboarding, surfing… you get the idea. When I am not filming or outside adventuring, I am volunteering ; giving back to my local and global community. Follow my adventure here and on my IG.


Hi I’m Jax! I am a sesame Shiba Inu and true to my breeds famous traits, I am very sassy, opinionated and stubborn. Unlike most shibas though, I am a nature loving adventure dog. My full name is Jax Toulouse-Letrec Schroeder, a combination of  Son’s of Anarchy and a famous painter. Carly adopted me when I was 4 months old into the thug puppy life. Though I am terrified of heights, my momma found that putting me in a backpack calms me so I never have to miss out on the adventures. I am a big fan of birdwatching, road trips, digging, long walks on the beach, ice cubes and my squeaky toy Slytherin. I am currently the dog ambassador for Three Paws gourmet dog treats. Did I mention I love treats?

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